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Strategic Compliance Partners helps your business stay CFPB-compliant and growing – with a wide range of innovative, cost-effective and attorney-driven solutions. Check out our services below.

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Provides Mid-Sized to Large Lenders, Banks and Non-banks, with all aspects and functions needed to withstand any regulatory evaluation.

Onsite Compliance

SCP Onsite Compliance is a total compliance management system, where an SCP consultant is located at a Lender’s location, supported by SCP staff and proprietary technologies, all at a fixed-cost.

Real Time Compliance

Provides Mortgage Brokers and Non-Delegated Correspondents with policy guides, training and support – all for a fixed monthly fee.

Customized Compliance

Provides the knowledge and support for companies to reach their compliance goals on an individual project basis or with a customized plan.

Vendor Management

Make smart decisions with ShareDiligence - your choice for a cost effective, online, shared vendor management platform.


Astro helps mortgage lenders manage, track and log compliance information all in one place. Plus, provides all state regulatory information at one click.

SocialEyes Social Media Monitoring

Properly and lawfully monitoring social media requires a careful balancing of employee’s rights to privacy and an ardent focus on ensuring that all social media initiated by loan officers comply with banking and advertising laws. 

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