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Strategic Compliance Partners is uniquely suited to ensure your compliance in the current enforcement environment. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time compliance employee, lenders can retain the services of a team of dedicated compliance professionals which will include experienced compliance personnel and compliance attorneys.

Our compensation is based on a flat fee, so we can spend the necessary time needed to develop, oversee, implement, manage and audit the efficacy of a multifaceted compliance strategy, one aimed at achieving the CFPB’s broad compliance goals and aspirations.

Correspondent Lenders

SCP assists lenders with regulatory change, mitigating operational risks, improving operational efficiency, and maintaining and growing originations.

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Mortgage Brokers

Strategic Compliance Partners is focused on providing scalable and affordable compliance solutions for the mortgage broker.

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Community Banks

SCP provides bankers the support they need to adhere to all regulations to profitably originate mortgages with confidence and efficiency.

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Non-Delegated Correspondents

SCP provides the compliance support non-delegated correspondents require whether they have been in business for a while or recently transitioning from a broker to a lender.

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Wholesale Lenders

Empower your clients by providing them access to SCP’s industry-leading policies, training, and support to keep them compliant and on track for success.

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