SCP Onsite Compliance is a total compliance management system, where an SCP consultant is located at a Lender’s location, supported by SCP staff and proprietary technologies, all at a fixed-cost.

With SCP Onsite, Lenders have

Our Programs:

  • Enhanced and Informed Oversight
    SCP recruits, hires, oversees and monitors
    the Onsite Compliance Officer.
  • Superior Breadth/Depth of Knowledge
    Leverage SCP's representation of hundreds of Lenders and interactions with regulators.
  • Mitigated Risk and Responsibility
    SCP maintains insurance coverage for errors and omissions, further mitigating a Lender's risk.


  • Continuity of Compliance
    SCP Onsite provides multiple layers of continuity so a Lender is no longer reliant on one person.
  • Access to Innovative and Proprietary Technologies
    Access to ShareDiligence Vendor Management and the ASTRO platform.

How it works

SCP will recruit, hire, train and oversee an Onsite Compliance Officer, who in conjunction with SCP consultants, its proprietary products, will perform the functions of a Chief Compliance Officer.  SCP will further provide oversight and support through a team of consultants and attorneys, who will oversee and monitor the Onsite Compliance Officer. SCP will bear all costs of health insurance, E&O coverage, social security and all other employment related taxes and costs of the Onsite Compliance Officer.

Services included

The Onsite Compliance Officer will perform the necessary functions provided in the Lenders job description plus the SCP services listed below:

  • Pre-Audit Assistance, Assessment and Review
  • Development, maintenance and revisions of Federal and State Policies and Procedure
  • Call Report Review, Guidance and Procedures
  • Develop and Execute Executive Management Compliance Reporting
  • Website, Social Media, and Advertising Reviews
  • Agency and Quality Control Audits
  • Disaster Recovery Preparation
  • Exam Process and Tracking
  • Online Compliance Training, Tracking and Reporting
  • Retail Branch and Loan Production Center Audits
  • Loan Officer Reviews
  • Vendor Management Due Diligence through SCP’s ShareDiligence Vendor Management platform
  • Track and manage all compliance documentation through SCP’s ASTRO Compliance Platform
  • Fair Lending Analysis and Interpretation provided by Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law
  • Disparate Impact Risk Analysis provided by Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law
  • Initial Investigatory/Litigation Response provided by Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services provided by Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law
  • Cyber Security Audit and Review
  • Insurance Reviews


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