Business Process and Operational Efficiency

Strategic Compliance Partners is partnering with Transformational Mortgage Solutions to provide SCP clients Business Process and Operational Efficiency consulting to educate Lenders on how to generate more business while increasing company morale and decreasing costs.

Transformation Mortgage Solutions (TMS) Consulting Services, led by mortgage industry veteran David Lykken, involves working with every aspect of a client’s business. It often starts with someone calling us to discuss an issue they are facing.   As former business owners & operators and with many years of consulting experience consulting to companies like yours, TMS has a unique “been there, done that” or “seen that & watched that done before” third-party perspective. TMS helps you see what you might not be seeing that is right in front of you, and that is at the core of the issue you are facing.

TMS starts with an initial business & operational efficiency assessment… a “health check” of sorts… starting with sales, and working through every operational phase of your business from beginning to the end. While one of the key objectives is to increase a client’s net bottom-line earnings, TMS’s ultimate desire is to help clients create a healthy, collaborative and cohesive culture where ALL employees feel valued, empowered and are actively and continuously involved in determining the best business processes for your company.  When this is done right, you can fund more loans on time that are compliant, correct and accurate, and do so with the least amount of “friction” possible all the while enjoying the journey. It starts with getting the right PEOPLE in the right jobs and having a workflow PROCESS that everyone has mutually agreed upon, while funding PRODUCTS that are profitable and meet the needs of your customers.

To sum it up, TMS helps companies (1) get more business, (2) close more business by helping them become more operationally efficient through process improvement and (3) create healthy company cultures where employees are fully engaged because they are valued and empowered to contribute to their company's successful customer experience, and finally (4) for companies to become more profitable.

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