Over the last few years, Mortgage Lenders have undoubtedly felt the pinch from ever-changing compliance demands, strict regulations and the watchful eye of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). With the advent of a new administration, the future of the CFPB yet remains uncertain, with many regulations revised, including the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). The “dust” has yet to settle, and with that uncertainty comes the need for Lenders to have all their “T’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted for the year ahead. But where do they start?

Gearing up for 2019, Lenders must reassess their annual compliance solutions. “Are we continually up-to-date on regulations and changes as they happen? Is our staff “hatted” on all changes? Are we implementing them across the organization? Who’s ensuring that Compliance is on the ball? Are we managing compliance in a cost-effective manner?” These are questions that must be asked. Yet with so much already on the Lender’s plate, that can be a tall order. Fortunately, Strategic Compliance Partners can help.

Strategic Compliance Partners, a leader in mortgage compliance management, delivers compliance management solutions to mortgage banks, warehouse banks, mortgage brokers, and other financial institutions. Simply put, Strategic Compliance Partners (SCP) helps Lenders sleep at night, with services that alleviate the burden of compliance — whether the Lender is augmenting an existing compliance infrastructure or outsourcing to a fully integrated turnkey solution. Better yet, the services are budget-friendly as they are often less than the cost of hiring additional internal staff.

As the new year approaches with regulation changes on the horizon, Mortgage Lenders would be wise to reevaluate compliance solutions and bring Strategic Compliance Partners on board. There’s perhaps no better way to help ensure compliance at all times, throughout the organization.