Compliance a Never-Ending Challenge?

SCP Onsite Compliance Takes the Headaches and High Cost out of Compliance.

No one has to tell you — compliance can be more challenging than ever as regulations are modified or eliminated. How do you keep up, much less ensure compliance across the organization? Strategic Compliance Partners created Onsite Compliance — a total compliance management system — to protect and ensure you are risk-free and compliant.

  • SCP recruits, hires, trains and oversees an Onsite Compliance Officer, who in conjunction with SCP consultants, performs the functions of a Chief Compliance Officer at your location.
  • At the cost of hiring one full-time compliance employee, not only do you retain the services of the Onsite Compliance Officer, but also a team of dedicated compliance professionals, cutting edge technology solutions, legal services, and more.
  • SCP bears all costs of health insurance, E&O coverage, Social Security, and all other employment related- taxes and costs of the Onsite Compliance Officer.
SCP Onsite Compliance is available for a fixed monthly fee that’s surprisingly affordable. In fact, it practically pays for itself in savings. Aren’t you interested to know how much can you save?