Strategic Compliance Partners Launches ASTRO: A Comprehensive, Cloud-Based Compliance platform for Lenders

New York, NY | October 18, 2017

Strategic Compliance Partners is revolutionizing regulatory compliance for mortgage lenders with the introduction of an all-in-one compliance platform. ASTRO provides compliance managers with complete visibility into their compliance programs. The cloud-based and content-enabled platform allows compliance officers to gain immediate, hands-on access to critical information applicable to a lender’s unique business practices and internal procedures. SCP will launch the product at the Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado, taking place October 22–25.

ASTRO provides users with the ability to report, track, log, and view compliance both prospectively and retrospectively, thereby reducing the risks of negative exam findings and repeat violations. In addition to providing users with key Federal and State information, ASTRO’s capability to maintain contracts, audit results, policies, financials, advertising, and much more, the platform substantially reduces the complexity of managing compliance. Lenders can use the platform, which is populated with up-to-date, state-specific disclosure and licensing requirements, to track upcoming key examination dates and manage other important documentation and compliance initiatives.

“ASTRO makes it easy for an officer to stay on top of their organization’s myriad compliance processes and responsibilities,” said Ari Karen, SCP Founder and CEO. “We have designed this platform to save lenders countless hours of frustration tracking down the latest compliance information. With ASTRO, lenders no longer need to manage their compliance programs through a mountain of paperwork, binders, and spreadsheets. Instead, it’s all right there—in a single location.”

Mortgage Bankers Association members can look forward to seeing ASTRO in action at the organization’s Annual Convention later this month. SCP will roll out the product shortly thereafter. To learn more about how ASTRO and SCP’s other technologies reduce the complexity of regulatory mortgage compliance, contact Leslie Benjamin at

About Strategic Compliance Partners

Strategic Compliance Partners (SCP) is more than a compliance company. With a team that includes accomplished attorneys and experienced compliance practitioners, SCP brings together innovative technologies and legal insight to deliver outstanding service to mortgage banks, mortgage brokers, warehouse banks, depositories, and other financial institutions. Our clients benefit from a multifaceted, forward-thinking approach that constitutes only a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time compliance employee. In the ever-changing world of regulatory mortgage compliance, SCP provides the on-demand results and strategic direction lenders need to succeed. For more information on SCP go to or contact Leslie Benjamin at

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