Compliance Doesn’t Mean No

Let’s face it, people are reluctant to go to Compliance. Compliance has a negative concept among loan officers, a virtual “negative Nancy” among the staff. Yet Compliance doesn’t have to mean “No,” says Ari Karen, Founder and CEO of Strategic Compliance Partners, and Principal at Offit Kurman.

Too often, the Compliance department has a single level analysis: “Am I going to get in trouble?” The question should be “What can I do or put it place so it can be done safely?”

Compliance can work for you, and with you. It can find ways to say “Yes,” but put structures around it so it works in a safe way. That philosophy opens doors, not closes them.

Today, Compliance has to be viewed enabling and finding ways to enable. Says Ari Karen, “Culturally get that as part of an organization and it will grow by leaps and bounds.”

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