Compliance Solutions For Mortgage Brokers

Compliance Is The Primary Focus

Mortgage brokers are now required by the CFPB, state regulators and several wholesale lenders to have written policies, procedures and training on all federal consumer protection laws.

This means brokers must have polices that are implemented into actual procedures that become part of the operational framework. Up until now there have been few compliance companies who not only understand; but are focused on helping the mortgage broker manage their compliance.

Strategic Compliance Partners – SCP is focused on providing scalable and affordable compliance solutions for the mortgage broker. Our SCP Real Time Policies can help mortgage brokers get and remain in compliance.

SCP Real Time Policies is a Centralized Compliance System that has built in policies, training and education programs that are written by attorneys and compliance specialists specifically for you and your business structure.

We keep our policies current by constantly updating them in response to feedback from actual audits so you always have the most recent updates and battle-tested policies.

Now you can rest assured knowing that your policies and training are right for your business. Plus, SCP provides on-going training to help you develop procedures within your business and train your staff in all areas of compliance.

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