Compliance Solutions For Mini-Correspondents

Take The Stress Out Of Compliance

As a mini-correspondent mortgage banker staying on top of regulatory change is a difficult task. Policies, procedures, compliance training and monitoring are all essential. Keeping policies and training up to date with ever-changing rules & regulations requires full-time focus.

That is where Strategic Compliance Partners – SCP Real Time Policies can help. SCP’s Real Time Policies has built in policies, training and education programs that are written by attorneys and compliance specialists specifically for you and your business structure. These policies are updated every month based upon the latest audit feedback after additional review by attorneys.

This provides clients the most recent policies and peace of mind to know they are battle tested. Clients can rest assured knowing that their policies and training are up to date.
Plus, SCP provides on-going training to help our clients develop procedures within their business and train their staff in all areas of compliance.

Compliance Coach is also available to meet more specific needs and questions. At Strategic Compliance Partners – SCP, we are not just a compliance company; we’re your compliance partner!

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