Ongoing Mortgage & Real Estate Joint Venture Compliance Partner

SCP will help you create a secure and compliant mortgage joint venture compliance program

so that you can achieve a successful, lucrative and longstanding partnership!

Battle-Tested Policies

Marketing & Advertising Compliance Reviews

Training Protocols

Annual Risk Assessment

Client Satisfaction Survey Template

JVerify Pricing

$350 Monthly Fee

$500 Per Realtor Company

$15/ Per JV Employee Training Fee Annually

Annual Contract

Services that Stand Out

JVerify is a premier compliance management system specifically designed to meet the compliance challenges of real estate and mortgage joint ventures. SCP's JVerify includes a wide variety of services and technologies to ensure you feel confident and secure to venture yonder.

Policies continually updated with the latest data from audits and regulatory changes.

Protocols designed to prevent unlawful steering.

Annual risk assessments evaluating operations, policies, procedures, and actual practices of the company.

3rd Party Client-Satisfaction surveys that provide general feedback and monitor RESPA compliance.

Advertising and social media reviews.

Compliance Management Program guidance.