HR Compliance Check

brokerHR Compliance
Are you an independent broker looking to make your first hire or staffing a team? Perhaps you are looking at growth into new states and need additional compliance guidance. Whether you are a few or many, our support program will keep you protected from regulators, transparent with employees and secure in your growth as SCP helps identify vulnerabilities and customize a solution tailored to the needs of your brokerage.
Are any of your employees 1099 or do you plan to hire 1099 employees? *
Do you have W2 employees?
Are you registered in the state your employee lives in to collect taxes on your employees’ behalf? *
Do you have a payroll company managing your payouts? *
Are you performing business in state(s) that only an employee, and not yourself, is registered? *
Do you have policies surrounding COVID? *
Do you have A PTO policy? *
Do you have an acceptance or termination letter? *
Do you provide benefits to your employees? *
Do your employees have clear expectations of what is expected of them? *
Are your employees aware of their PTO and other leave laws? *
Do your employers know where to go if they have an issue or conflict? *
Is your company compliant with the following?