Compliance Solutions For Correspondent Lenders

Today’s mortgage lenders face extraordinary demands. Aside from their duties to stay on top of regulatory issues and mitigate risks, lenders also need to spend time improving operational efficiencies and maintaining growth and profitability. As a result, many lack the capacity to take a proactive approach to compliance, and instead must scramble to handle issues as they arise. With SCP’s solutions, lenders not only receive the support they need to adhere to all federal and state regulations, but also gain the freedom to scale their businesses.


Solutions for Correspondent Lenders include:

Annual Compliance Management Solutions

Provides Mid-Sized to Large Lenders, Banks and Non-banks, with all aspects and functions needed to withstand any regulatory evaluation.

Onsite Compliance

Provides Lenders with a total compliance management system, including a SCP consultant located at a Lender’s location, supported by SCP staff and proprietary technologies, all at a fixed-cost.

Customized Compliance

Provides the knowledge and support for companies to reach their compliance goals on an individual project basis or with a customized plan.

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