Compliance Solutions for AIME Members

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Licensing Maintenance, Broker Audit Pro, Compliance Essentials and More!

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Compliance Essentials


Licensing Maintenance 

Broker Audit Pro

MCR Filing


$299 One-Time Setup Fee

Discount for AIME Members!


Annual Contract

One-time fee of $1500 per state

Compliance Essentials Member? $999/state!


Compliance Essentials Member? $250/quarter!

  • Data entry into NMLS based on the information provided on our easy-to-use input form
  • 1 hour per quarter of support for submitting the mortgage call report

Per state per quarter

$2344 One-Time HR Setup Fee

$1999 One-Time HR Setup Fee

Discount for AIME Members!

$199 per month

Support fee for continued oversight, assistance & updates to policy guide

6 month contract

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9-Step Licensing Checklist: What every new Broker needs to know for licensing.